Protect your Door Sill

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What Our Customers Say About Us

Just installed their ‘Door Label’ and ‘Security Decal’ on my Model 3. Looks great and very easy to install. They sent extra labels Incase you mess up which I did so be aware that their door labels are for each door, not just sides. There is a small difference in where the open door is for the front vs rear and that attention to detail is great.

Stuart G.Customer

Very happy with these interior decals. Makes a difference imo when you have family members or friends who are unfamiliar with the door switch buttons. Also, got me a set of window security decals. Special thanks to TeslaBros for these awesome products, and more importantly quality customer service.

David L.Customer

I didn’t think I’d need these until my father in law pulled the manual release one day.😱

Really glad to see the Tesla community coming together with creative ideas like this!


Anthony K.Customer