Tesla Model Y Center Console Wrap

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Vehicle: Model Y

This is a recommended first Model Y accessory. Protect and cover your Tesla Model Y’s scratch-prone center console with our high-quality premium vinyl kit.

  • Comes with 2 sets in case of installation error
  • Made out of 3M 2080 automotive vinyl
  • Easy Installation (10-15 min)
  • Step-by-Step Video Guide (Included)
  • Expertly Cut for a Precision Fit

What’s included:

  • 5 piece center console wrap kit
  • Premium dual-sided squeegee
  • Cleaning wipes

Save money on additional products by bundling! Add ons will come in the same color as your center console

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this wrap the same as Model 3's Center Console

95% of the design is the same. If you’ve bought a center console 3 wrap for your model Y from us, let us know. We’ll send you the charging dock piece for the Model Y

How can I track my order?

All center console orders will be shipped using First Class Shipping with tracking ID.

International orders will be shipped with International Priority Mail with tracking ID.

How long is the shipping time frame?

Our shipping option, First Class, usually delivers within 3-5 business days, however, can take up to 7 -10 business days in unforeseen circumstances.

Our international shipping option, First Class International, usually delivers in 8-10 days, however, can take up to 21 business days in unforeseen circumstances.

A shipping confirmation with tracking information is emailed when the order has been shipped. Please check your spam folder in case it might have landed there.

If an order isn’t received within 5 business days for the US and 21 days for international orders, please contact [email protected] and we’ll be more than happy to check in your order and fix any issues.

Please note that due to the current pandemic, delivery times can be delayed. We strive our best to ship out the products within 1-2 business days.

I never received an order or shipping confirmation email

Please check your spam folder in case the email might have landed there! If it was never sent, please email us at [email protected] and will check on the order and can resend confirmation emails.

Are the wraps easy to remove?

This DIY vinyl wrap kit is made out of 3M 2080. For more information and specs about the material, please visit 3M’s 2080 spec sheet.   There is a section about removability of the product

I just received my wrap, why does the wrap seem big? Why do I have to tuck in the edges?

The reason why there is a little bit of excess and we have customers tuck in edges is so that the entire wrap can cling onto the edge. What usually happens when you have an exact fit on just the top surface is that the corner/edge will peel off over time.

With the excess being tucked in, it’ll help keep the wrap on without needing to use a harsh adhesive that can damage the center console.

How is this center console wrap different from anyone else?

We carefully redesigned the center console from the ground up to give our customers the best experience. The center console is cut in a way that makes installation easier than any other wraps in the market. On top of that, we provide a replacement program if anything happened to the wrap within 30 days of installation.

Installation instructions

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs

Black Carbon Fiber, White Carbon Fiber, Black Satin, White Satin, Brushed Black Metallic, Red Metallic, Blue Metallic, Matrix Black, Glossy Black, Matte Black, Wood Grain, Galaxy Black, Dark Satin Gray

35 reviews for Tesla Model Y Center Console Wrap

  1. Ryan

    I’ve had the best experience with TesBros. I will definitely buy again the future. Thank you!

  2. LovenIt

    Turned out beautiful. I took my time and carefully lined up each piece. The black interior on my Model 3 has always seemed really dark to me. The white console wrap really brightens up the interior. It also eliminates the dust magnet issue with the original shiny glossy black color. Be sure and watch the video before and during the application.

  3. Topher

    I had some manufacturing issues with the vinyl wrap – basically a couple of sheets had some cut/tear issue. I emailed teslabros and they replied same day and offered to send me replacement pieces. This is fantastic customer service!Aside from that minor issue, the wrap is 3M 2080 vinyl wrap, the dimensions are accurate for the model 3 console. They included 4 alcohol wipes and a squeegy – made install relatively easy.It took me less than an hour to install the pieces in the car. They have instructions videos to help if you’ve not worked with vinyl wrap before.Once the replacement pieces show up, i’ll update with add’l comments & pictures.

  4. Ganesh

    Good quality product but when I had to deal with installation issues, their CS team stood very tall with amazing support! Thank you!

  5. lauren Russell

    Great product! So sleek and fits perfectly!! Makes my Tesla interior look much more expensive.

  6. char

    Although there was a video on how to install and they would have sent me replacement film. I failed at the installation process and gave up. I tossed the film in the garbage and opted to have a local installer do the entire job for $45. I think the product was fine. I was just not a good installer.

  7. BlakeB

    Following the videos on the installation card included with the kit make the installation very easy. The pieces fit and were cut perfectly to fit the console. I emailed them (also on the install card) for the one piece where I initially messed up around the cupholder and they quickly sent me a replacement. You couldn’t ask for a better product or support.

  8. zzzzzzz

    Looks very nice once installed. All pieces were cut perfectly. The only issue I had was the wings used to hold the peice in place while installing did not stick on any of the pieces with it. Overall it’s an easy 15 minute install and would be less if the wings worked

  9. hsmith

    I like the online tutorials on youtube (that I pulled up in the car while installing)I really enjoyed the layout and completeness of the kit, they thought of everythingThe fit and finish was excellent, now is the test of time. I did confirm when pulling it off it did not leave any goo, and I expect the same in 1-2 years when I upgrade/swap console skins.I would recommend, and I was hesitant but for the price point it was great and the end product turned out better than expected!

  10. Giovanni M.

    Very easy to install with quality 3M material and “alignment guides”. Comes with all the tools and surface cleaners needed to install.Only had a minor scratch that seem to have come from the shipping of the item but I installed it anyway. Also sometimes the corners may make the top flap for the phone charging station to be hard to open by touch to release because the added thickness seems to get within the gap at the top of the flap but non-issue for me as it still works.

  11. John Podhiny

    Hard to imagine a better kit. Came with alcohol wipes, instructions card (which points to professional installation videos on YouTube), squegee tool, a double set of transfer tape (six pieces in all), and a double set of the five pre-cut pieces of vinyl (ten pieces in all). [Maybe the double sets were a mistake? Seems like that would be mentioned in the product description.] The transfer tape doesn’t stick to the console all that well but it’s enough to help you get the first edge of each piece on. I really took my time and the results are great (went with Matrix Black). Thank you for a great product, Tesbros 🙂

  12. tzunglin

    This os very nice vinyl wrap for model 3. It comes with 2 sets just in case the user messes up the first time. But my wife managed to succeed on her very first try and she did it in about 45 mins. Very impressed! Now i have a matte black console that looks really awesome 😉

  13. Ben Hinojosa

    I had a small issue with my first order so I contacted Tesla bro’s and they immediately sent me a new kit and refunded me. Customer service is top notch. Once I got the corrected kit, it went on no problem and looks great! You really can’t go wrong with this one! Perfect to cover that shiny black center console in your Tesla.

  14. Steve S.

    Final product came out really nice. Was worth the value. Vendor provides two sets, made the mistake of trying to do install before watching the videos. After watching online videos install went pretty easy. Just need to be patient and follow the directions. I definitely recommend.

  15. Soonereyo

    After trying a similar product with very bad results, I decided to try this as a last ditch effort. Much better results, everything is included to assist with install and the how to video is very helpful.

  16. Mimi

    Impressed with the quality and precise cutout. Video instruction was very useful and with ease and patience, it came out really well with no bubbles. This fit perfectly on my model Y. No issues! Love the fact that they provided extra set in case you mess up. For me, got it all within one try. The squeegee will be your best friend in this process

  17. Anonymous (verified owner)

  18. Adrian C. (verified owner)

    This turned out way better than I imagined. The carbon fiber looks a lot better than the stock piano black. Very easy install.

  19. Mikel (verified owner)

    Adds a nice touch to the Y interior! Gets rid of those fingerprints and smudges on the OEM piano black

  20. Torin Yao

    Installation was very easy, especially for someone who has never done something like this before; there were some parts where it became a little challenging, but a little bit of patience fixed it. It fits perfectly and it feels really nice. It comes with two full sets so you can fix any mistakes or put it on a second model 3. Definitely worth it for the value, and makes my center console look so much cleaner

  21. Arun

    As good as the much more expensive versions… why? Because it’s the same thing. It’s all 3M vinyl and this one is extremely easy to install. Highly recommended.

  22. Vik Mehta

    I like the style I got … matte with a hexagon like pattern … wasn’t the easiest to install the guide stickers didn’t stick great but with time it’s on and looks great … also they sent a whole extra set in case I messed up !!

  23. Frank

    By far the easiest one to install due to backing coming off in sections. This and their instructional videos makes all the difference.

  24. Jeff K. (verified owner)

    The installation process is pretty straightforward, but you do have to take your time. It probably took me a good hour – maybe even a little bit more. That’s mostly because there’s a lot of back and forth between watching segments of the install video and actually doing a piece at a time. I’m also really picky and took plenty of time making sure things were lined up perfectly. Don’t rush things and you’ll be happy with the results – I definitely am.

  25. Joe from Vegas

    The seller, Tesbros is excellent. I messed up a part of the installation. I was moving too quickly, take your time and watch the install videos more than once. I contacted Tesbros and they sent me 2 new pieces free of charge. I am very happy and it turned out great. I will look to Tesbros first in the future for all of my Tesla needs.

  26. William (verified owner)

    Great instructions and product; follow the instructions and the end result will be worth it

  27. Ronald

    The kit comes with everything you need to change the look of your center console. They include two sets, just in case you make a mistake. Once you install the first piece, everything else is a piece of cake. Make sure to watch the easy-to-follow installation videos.

  28. CoreyZ

    This was a great and easy to install kit that I was able to put on with no errors. A second kit is included in case of an error during installation, which is super cool. Instructions are easy to follow, and you can almost just eye it without even needing instructions however I would use them anyway. All the pieces were cut cleanly, and fit and sizing was nearly spot on which really helps in application. Do yourself a favor and clean all the parts you are about to stick vinyl to to ensure you get the best adhesion you can.

  29. Eugene Ng

    Everything is easy to install except for the cup holder piece. Be very patient and not rush it. Luckily you get multiple pieces just in case you mess up. I do like that they include the smaller parts. I appreciate that they use 3M wraps. Attention to detail!

  30. KatyKat

    This product is great. Quality precision cut 3m materials. I had a problem with the first piece that was missing the backing slits. I reported it on their website and the sent me a full replacement with apologies. Sets a high standard for all retailers!

  31. James B. (verified owner)

    Second set I’ve bought and am very pleased with both the product and the service

  32. Jamal

    Pretty simple to install.

  33. Benjamin (verified owner)

    Great fit and quality. Pretty awesome that 2 sets included just in case you mess up the first time. Thanks!

  34. Brandon S. (verified owner)

    Great Product! Excellent Customer Service and communication!

  35. Anonymous (verified owner)

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